Where is my order?

Your order could be in a couple of places... our warehouse, awaiting dispatch, or processing for quality check, with the courier on its way, or delivered. The first thing to check is have you had your dispatch email? If yes, then it's on its way. Chinga clothing ltd quality checks all their products so this sometimes needs abit of time,  this can take up to 7 working days for the entire process on our very busy days. If its been 5-6 days don't worry you will receive an email with tracking shortly. If you are abit worried then email us for an update. 


I only received part of my order?

Sometimes we need to send of your package in separate bags, this is due to one item already been processed for quality and ready to be shipped out first, you will receive your second tracking via email. 


Can I cancel my order?

As soon as you place your order, we have already started to process it, which means our staff has already started to pick and pack! Unfortunately this means we will be unable to cancel or add a discount to any orders, as it’s already being processed at the warehouse. You’ll need to place another order or return any unwanted items. We can change size or style while it is being processed. 

Care for garments 

If certain materials are not cared for in the proper way, it is possible the fabric could rip, come apart, or even shrink. Often times without proper care, colours will run onto other clothes while in the washing machine, or in fact some fabrics should not even be put in a machine washer. We recommend to follow the care label on your product so that your purchase last longer.