Where is my order?

Please see our Shipping and Tracking page for shipping updates. 

Once your order is ready to be dispatched, you will receive a Shipping confirmation email with the Tracking details.

I have not received my order?

If you have not received your parcel within 14 days of receiving a Shipping confirmation email, please contact us as soon as possible as NZ Post is unable to process claims for items posted more than 45 days from date of posting to the first point of contact made to NZPost.


How do I track my order?

Once your order is ready to be dispatched you will receive your tracking details to track your order online. You will then be able to track your order via the online tracker. There is currently some delay between the status of an order being updated, due to the current challenges our carrier is experiencing. Tracking information should be available as soon as you receive this email; however, please note that until the carrier updates their system with your tracking information, you will be unable to track your order.

If you are not at home to sign for the delivery a notice will be left at the premises with alternative delivery or pick-up options.


My tracking status is 'delivered' but I did not receive my parcel

If the tracking status for your parcel is delivered however you have not received your parcel, please check around your property and will your household to ensure it has not been left outside or taken in by another member of your household. If you still cannot find your parcel, please try contacting NZ post yourself directly as they will be able to tell you where they have left your package. 

Once you have contacted NZ Post and are still unable to locate your parcel, please then email us at info@chingaclothing.co.nz with your order number and let us know that you have contacted NZ Post and we can file a claim with NZ Post. 


Can I cancel or change my order?

As soon as you place your order, we have already started to process it, which means our staff has already started to pick and pack! Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to add a discount, change your style and size for your order even if it has not been shipped yet. Once you receive your order, you may return any products just by following our Return Policy.


Can I place my order now and have it delivered on a specific date?

We cannot hold items for orders as during these times we have a smaller team and once your order is placed, it will already be in the process of getting picked and packed. We are unable to make any changes including adding a discount, changing the style and size for your order.


Can I change my shipping address?

Your delivery address may be changed, but it depends on the time you request for it to be changed, as sometimes your order may have already been processed.

If you have received a shipping confirmation email it means your order has been dispatched and we will not be able to make any changes on our end.  Please call our carrier and ask if it's still possible to change your shipping address or redirect your parcel. A change of address can delay the delivery by 1-2 working days.


I recently purchased an item online and now it's discounted. Can I get the discounted price?

Pricing on the website is subject to change without notice. Orders placed before promotions are not eligible to receive new promotions or discounts. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of the offer, and to modify or cancel any promotion due to unforeseen issues.


Can I return an item in exchange for another item that is on a different bundle offer?

Unfortunately you are unable to return an item in exchange for item that is on a different bundle offer. 

If you have purchased an item on a bundle offer, it can only be exchanged for an item that is on the same bundle offer. 


Care for garments 

For information on how to care for our garments, please see Garment care page.

If certain materials are not cared for in the proper way, it is possible the fabric could rip, come apart, or even shrink. Often times without proper care, colours will run onto other clothes while in the washing machine, or some fabrics should not be placed in a washing machine or dryer. We recommend to follow the care label on your product so that your purchase can last longer. 


Received an email to confirm your address?

We have a very secure and smart payment system. If our system detects that your order is a potential risk of fraud, or that your address is incorrect, we will place your order on hold and reach out to you to verify the details of your order for the safety of our company and for the credit card holder.

For example, if you are placing an order with a credit card that is issued in a different country than where you are placing the order from, our system will detect the difference in countries and your order will be flagged as a potential risk of fraud.

To verify these details, please simply respond to the email that was sent to you from our email info@chingaclothing.co.nz


Where are we sending the items from? 

We are based in Auckland New Zealand.

All items are shipped from our warehouse based in Silverdale Auckland. 



Store Credit Codes 

Store credit codes can only be used on full price item. Codes will not work in conjunction with another code.  Store credits have a 3 month expiry date from the date of issue. If your expiry date is getting close but you have not used it yet and would like to extend, please email us at info@chingaclothing.co.nz


Store Credit code is not working due to a site wide sale?

If you would like to use your store credit while we have a site wide sale running and your code cannot be used, please email us at info@chingaclothing.co.nz and we will be able to assist you. 


Discount code is not working?

Discount codes can not be used in conjunction with another code. Items that are on a bundle offer already has an automatic discount code applied to them, therefore you will not be able to apply another discount code on top of this.  



How do I sign up to the Rewards program?

Simply click on the Rewards button located at the bottom right of the screen and a popup will appear.  Click 'Join program' and fill in your details to create your account.


How do I earn points and how does the point system work?

You can earn points by signing up an account with us and placing an order with us. For signing up, you will earn 3 points.

For every $50 spent, you will earn 5 points. You will be able to redeem $20 off your order once you reach 100 points. 


How do see how much points I have earned and how can I redeem my points?

To see your points, click on the Rewards popup, then 'Points history'.

To redeem your points, log into your account. Click on the rewards popup 'How to redeem' and click 'Redeem'. You will only be able to redeem point's once you haver each the point's required for the reward.


How long are my points valid for?

Your points will be valid for 3 months.