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We are having major delays with replying to emails, shipping and processing. It is very important to us that your order gets to you. But please be mindful of the delays around you. 


If you have placed your order and only half as arrived this is because we have part shipped your items, another package will arrive shortly, please be patient, wait for another 4 working days and if it still does not arrive then send us an email. 


If you have received a tracking and tracking is invalid or status has not changed for a few days, allow 3 working days for movement because courier are heavily delayed, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this, their phone lines are busy, and it takes half a day to get through to them, so please be patient it will arrive.  

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding your order or you have a question please check out FAQ's before filling out this form, you can find FAQ's section on the footer.

If your email is regarding returns, please read the returns policy and email us for a return form.

our email address is

Please allow 48hours for a reply, if you have not received a reply within that time frame, please do not email again as this causes your email to go to the bottom of the list for us.